Rating My First Semester at Harvard University out of 5 Stars

Before my second semester gets a little TOO crazy, I want to rate my first semester at Harvard. Spoiler alert: I LOVED it.

First things first, getting into Harvard was the happiest moment of my life. Period.

Even though it was a struggle to even live on Harvard’s campus last year, I learned so much about the college lifestyle while I was there. On-campus life was restricted to first-year students only; and quite frankly, the very necessary COVID restrictions made it so I barely left my dorm. When I did though, I was surrounded by some really great people. And when I didn’t, sixteen seasons of Grey’s Anatomy got me TOGETHER!

Let’s get to the categories, shall we?

The categories are as follows: Housing, Harvard University Dining Service (HUDS) Food, Social Life, and (most importantly, ACADEMICS!)

HousingMy first-year Harvard dorm was basically an apartment. Two bedrooms, three closets, a large suite with a fireplace, and an ensuite bathroom. It was spacious or whateva.
HUDS FoodIf you know anything about Annenberg Dining Hall, then you probably think you know what I’ll say about HUDS Food. But, I can’t even lie. I was living off of Annenberg mac and cheese for months. The food wasn’t as bad as the rumors imply. Plus, Annenberg is the most beautiful building I’ve seen on campus so far.

Harvard even issued optional dining hall services throughout the year, so students can express their opinions and even request certain meals. HUDS functioned so well during this unprecedented semester because of the amazing Harvard faculty and staff who worked in the dining halls across campus. They were extremely kind and I had the funniest conversations with them whenever I passed through. All in all, the most essential component of my on-campus experience would have been impossible without their help.

If you’re Harvard affiliated, please sign the petitions featured on the HarvardUC (https://www.harvarduc.org/) website to encourage Harvard to continue to support all Harvard faculty and staff!
Social LifeChile…we’re in a plantain.
In reality, though, the pandemic isn’t over just because we want it to be. I wear my mask (sometimes, double them) around campus.

In the Fall, I spent most of my time eating out at restaurants with my friends. At a time when people are suffering and healthcare personnel are risking their lives, I have to admit that my social life is not my biggest priority.
Academics (duh..this is Harvard!)If you want to keep that 4.0 GPA in college, good luck to you. It’s fair to say that you don’t need them, though. Instead of proactively worrying about my grades, I established strong relationships with my professors outside of class. Put in the dedication and interest, first–and the grades will follow.

Here’s a list of my first-semester courses:
Gov 20: Comparative Politics
Freshman Seminar 63L: Memory Wars: Cultural Trauma and the Power of Literature
Spanish 20: Intermediate Spanish
Humanties 10a: From Homer to Joyce
My final rating…4/5 stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

To be honest, I love it here.

As every biter-sweet zoom class ends, I feel closer and closer to declaring Government in the years to come. I’ve gained many opportunities, internships, and leadership positions that I am excited to announce very soon.

I am already three weeks into my second semester and my sentiment hasn’t changed. The workload will remain rigorous. My social friend group will continue to grow. That’s all you need to know for now.

Next post,

Tune in next week for my thoughts about the HBCU v. PWI rhetoric and debate…And mostly why we shouldn’t be entertaining that conversation in the first place.


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