Rating The Political Impact of Kanye West’s Anti-Black Rhetoric.

This week, I am talking about Kanye West, and his many, many, many anti-Black slip-ups. Here’s why his words are both racially and politically dangerous.

We all know what’s happening in November.

The upcoming election hasn’t revealed ideal candidates for either party. Even though this will be my first time voting in an election ever, I can guarantee you I’m not wasting my vote on Kanye West.

Kanye West’s ability to enter the presidential race without the proper prior background (a.k.a. any degree from any institution in literally any field) alongside his disregard for deadlines has exposed the ugly truth surrounding politics recently. Celebrity Culture has made true intellect and political capacity rare characteristics in popular presidential candidates.

I mean, our current president is known more for his talk-show appearances than for his political prowess.

I could go on about how Kanye West’s massive fan base blindly support his political campaign, putting our country’s international reputation at risk.

But today, I want to focus on a different aspect on Kanye West’s political campaign. It’s the anti-black rhetoric he continues to spread and fail to atone for.

The categories are as follows: accuracy of the statement, internet response, Kanye West’s response/accountability.

Disclaimer: Kanye West’s musical talent has nothing to do with his terrible campaign strategies, and will not win him brownie points.

“Slavery is a choice…”

Accuracy of the statementThis is simply not true. Obviously, slavery was a forced act that dehumanized, exploited, and killed Black people in order to establish the Western world. Why did I even have to justify that with a reasoning?
Internet responseEven before this video hit Black Twitter, it aired live on TMZ. Van Lathan, a TMZ reporter at the time, quickly shut down Kanye West.

At this moment in history, Kanye West was cancelled for the first time.
His remarks about slavery as a rich twenty first celebrity come from a place of privilege.
AccountabilityKanye took to twitter to redeem himself. In the end, West did not apologize for his harmful words.

As far as I can tell, Kanye lacks accountability and hasn’t apologized since 2018.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

“Harriet Tumban never actually freed the slaves. She just had the slaves go work for other white people.”

Accuracy of the statementAgain, this is just false information. The legacy of Harriet Tubman is unmatched.
Internet responseThis video went viral during Kanye’s political rally on July 21st. The crowd clearly disagreed. Even the person who uploaded the video can be heard saying “it’s time to go”.
Kanye’s rally was full of true supporters as well as genuinely curious first time voters.
AccountabilityKanye took to Twitter, again, but only apologized for embarrassing the Kardashians and the rest of his family.
Overall rating…

Rating: 1 out of 5.

I hope you noticed that each of these statements received a 1/5 star rating. That was my plan all along. These statements are not commendable under any circumstances. I only wanted to show you, in depth, the questions that arose when I heard this anti-Black rhetoric for the first time, and how I evlauated them.

Keep in mind that my blog is not a magazine or a celebrity gossip website. I don’t spend my time keeping up with Kanye West.

I do, however, care about the first-time voters who can’t be bothered to do real research. Excuses like “Joe Biden is no good, either” won’t work. Voting in America doesn’t always produce the best Democratic or Republican primary candidates. But to have the privilege (yes, privilege! because basic “rights” are often stripped away from Black people and marginalized groups) of voting means to have the duty to consider how the nation’s Supreme Court, economy, bureaucracy, and international relations will function under a certain president.

People, especially the electorate, need to stop excusing disgusting behavior and anti-Black rhetoric. The Black community is one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to voting. Mass incarceration has led to a large disfranchisement within Black neighborhoods nationwide. To be distracted by Kanye’s fame would prove that the Black vote is easy to manipulate.

Whether or not Kanye is just spewing this anti-Black rhetoric to spark Black rage or because he truly believe it, doesn’t matter. The political impact of this rhetoric is still harmful and embarrassing.

Still, I cannot possibly entertain this conversation without acknowledging the importance of mental health. Kanye West’s mental well being should trump his political desires (no pun intended). I encourage his fan base to see through his facade.

Remember, any votes toward Kanye will split the Democratic vote and create an even bigger problem. Kanye West is just not prepared to run this nation. Someone who has that much trouble articulating a proper, not insensitive delivery in order to make a point, probably shouldn’t stand behind a podium.

Next Week,

Next week, I am rating Beyonce’s “Black Is King”. Why do some people think the film promotes African exploitation and capitalism? And why are they wrong?

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